How The System Works

Step 1

Panels are pre-machined to partially interlock for strength and ease of assembly.

Step 2

Panels are assembled resting on the bottom panel then locked together by snapping the clips into the machined slots.

Step 3

Clips remove easily with the any small prying device such as a screw driver.

Step 4

Larger items can be loaded and secured to base prior to crate assembly for easier loading.

Simple-Stack™ Pallet Collars

Built to maximize warehouse space.

Simple-Stack™ Pallet Collars are a perfect solution for storing, packaging and shipping products which need to stay protected and secure. Completely customizable, collapsible, and built to optimize your space.

Built to Last

Constructed from ¾” wood and steel hinges.
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Custom sizes are available, in addition to stock sizes.
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Simple-Stack™ pallet collars stack safely to maximize warehouse space.
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Add Your Logo

Customize your Simple-Stack™ pallet collars for brand visibility.
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How the Simple-Stack™ system works

Simple-Stack™ Optional Lids

¼" Pallet Collar Lid

½" Pallet Collar Lid

½" Pallet Collar Lid with Metal Frame