Simple-Clip™ Crates

Heavy-duty, reusable, ships and stores flat

Simple-Clip™ crates offer a high-strength, heavy-duty collapsable wooden shipping crate that assembles easily and ships and stores flat. A great solution for returnable packaging and reusable storage containers.  Modular, nailless construction allows for replacement of damaged crate components if required.


  1. Heavy-duty 11-ply ¾” plywood panels for high stacking strength and durability, machined to interlock for added strength and ease of assembly.
  2. Integral, 4-way entry pallet
  3. Steel clip design holds tight and allows for easy assembly/disassembly
  4. Ships or stores flat on its own pallet making it great for repeated use and returnable packaging.

How the System Works

Simple-Clip™ crates consist of a palleted bottom panel and individual interlocking top and side panels. The crate can be assembled and filled – or for larger items, your item can be placed and secured on the base before assembling the sides and lid.

  1. Panels are pre-machined to partially interlock for strength and ease of assembly.
  2. Panels are assembled resting on the bottom panel then locked together by snapping the clips into the machined slots.
  3. Clips remove easily with the any small prying device such as a screw driver.
  4. Larger items can be loaded and secured to base prior to crate assembly for easier loading.