Shock & Tilt Event Labels

Communicate to your customers that you care about your product and their satisfaction while communicating to package handlers that your product is fragile and needs to be handled accordingly. The Drop(N)Tell and Tip(N)Tell shock and tilt monitoring devices record drop/impact and package tilt events respectively.



  1. Brightly colored device that handlers quickly recognize
  2. Warning labels included
  3. Adhesive backing sticks TIP (N) TELL to any container
  4. Can also be nailed or stapled to container


  1. 2-3 different G-ranges per crate size. Refer to chart for sizing
  2. Non-resettable. One use only.
  3. Warning labels included
  4. Adhesive backing sticks DROP (N) TELL to any container
  5. Can also be nailed or stapled to container

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