Here at National Crate we realized that there is more to shipping and storing your valuable products and goods than just the crate. We have put together a well thought out selection of packing accessories allowing you to source and purchase your complete product pack in one place. Our accessories are pre-configured for each crate size and are available as you complete your crate purchase. See below for more details on each of our accessories.



Adjustable braided nylon cam buckle or ratchet straps with custom ends that anchor the strap securely to the crate floor.

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Cargo Restraint Mat

Protect and reduce product shifting in the crate. A unique non-slip rubber mat to place between your product and the crate bottom. Recommended for use in conjunction with our straps.

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foil bag1

Foil Moisture Barrier Bags

Heat sealable poly-lined foil bags custom-sized for each crate. These bags protect your products from the outside world and provide a controlled environment that allows desiccant and VCI to work more effectively.

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Corrosion Prevention/VCI

VCI or Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors protect both ferrous and nonferrous materials from corrosion (rust/oxidation) by coating metal surfaces with an invisible, odorless, non-toxic, non-reactive, non-flammable and non-allergenic microfilm of passivating material.

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desiccant iso rev1


Pre-sized and packed desiccant pouches to absorb excess moisture from your pack for environmental control and corrosion/rust prevention.

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Shock and Tilt Event Labels

Drop (N) Tell and Tip (N) Tell event labels to help ensure your package is handled appropriately.

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seal 4pc2

Security Kit

(4) Tamper-evident security seals for our Simple-Lock™ crates.

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Portable Heat Sealer

A compact portable heat sealer for sealing our foil bags. For tabletop or free-hand use.

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